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Andrea Evans

BA Hons, Dip NT, mBANT, CNHC

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Hi I'm Andrea, a qualified nutritional therapist and founder of For the Life of Me Nutrition. 

In today's society we are facing an epidemic of chronic illness that conventional medicine is struggling to deal with. Illnesses such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cancer, heart disease and autoimmunity are sabotaging our quality of life, shortening our lifespan, burdening our NHS to the point of breaking point and affecting the health of our future generations to come. 

What's scary is that these conditions are largely not driven by viruses, infection or genetics, they are lifestyle issues based on the choices we make everyday. The finger firmly points to poor diet, smoking, alcohol, inactivity and drugs but add to that our poor, technologically overstimulated, multi-tasking brains and the stress of a 'always on' culture and you have the perfect storm.    

The good news is that the ability to do something about it is in our hands. Prevention will always be better than cure and there's never been a better time to start taking control of your health. 

My approach

I get that it's not always easy to make the healthy choice. Fast paced life means convenience is key and taste is paramount. And I firmly believe that what you eat should bring you joy, not bring you down. Life is hard enough. But symptoms such as eczema, bloating, pain, tiredness, headaches etc. are your body's way of saying "Hello! I need a little help here...!" and small changes can make a huge difference to how you feel. When you start listening to your body and giving it the right tools to heal itself it's liberating and empowering. And food and lifestyle are the most powerful medicinal tools you have at your disposal. 

Using scientifically proven and effective nutritional medicine my aim is to work with clients to help them reconnect their health with the food and lifestyle choices they make. With real, honest, balanced advice and simple changes that will make a huge difference to how you feel, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't start to master your health through nutrition earlier.  


My Story

Ask anyone who works in nutrition and they'll tell you they have a story of how they got there...

For some it's an illness or chronic condition that no amount of medication was able to help, for others it's the failing health of a loved one they'll do absolutely anything to support. What connects these two things is answers, or more specifically a lack of them. It's what drives us to get off the beaten path. And that, my friend is where the magic happens....


For me, it was a combination of both - a double whammy. I developed an eating disorder at university which lasted on and off for 10 years. I got so good at hiding it that no one knew. On the outside I was a professional PR exec with an enviable life, paid to travel the world and have a damn good time doing it, on the inside, I was barely holding it together. Inevitably my physical and mental health began to crumble and I could no longer hide the cracks that were beginning to show. I was crippled with horrible IBS symptoms, I was depressed, I was malnourished, my hormones were all over the shop and I was suffering from awful hypoglycaemic episodes that would cause me to black out. My body was screaming for me to stop and I wasn't listening....


Enter a side swipe from the universe that knocked me completely off my feet . My mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 62. To say the bottom fell out of my world was an understatement. The wake up call could not have been louder and I realised that if you don't have your health, you have absolutely nothing. 

I had so many questions that frustratingly no medical professional could answer. I needed a why? Why would this happen to my mum (she wasn't a smoker, in case you were wondering..)? How? What causes cancer and what the hell is it? Desperate for answers and just wanting to help her, I started reading every nutrition, wellness book and scientific research paper I could get my hands on. It was a lightbulb moment. I was dumbfounded at what I learnt and authors such as Kris Carr (Dirty, Sexy, Cancer) and Dr. Alejandro Junger (Clean, The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself) completely blew my mind. 


Devastatingly for my wonderful mum it was too late and six months after her diagnosis she passed away leaving a hole in my life that nothing has or ever will fill.


My journey into health and nutrition however was just beginning. To cut a long story short (and if you're still reading, thank you..) to get through the grief, I focused on turning my health around. I dumped processed food and started eating whole, fresh, organic food, cooked from scratch, started juicing and exercising every day and removed all the toxic, chemical cosmetic/household junk from my cupboards. The result was simply life changing. Not only did I have more energy than I'd ever had before, I slept like a baby, my IBS vanished, my chronic asthma went, I could think clearly, my weight balanced and I felt like a million dollars. I haven't looked back since. Nutrition became a passion that I knew I had to make a career out of it and help other people to heal too. 


  • 3 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Bristol (CNM).

  • BA Hons Public Relations from Bournemouth University.

  • Regular postgraduate and undergraduate training in nutritional science/medicine.

Professional bodies

  • BANT registered and CPD accountable.

  • CNHC accredited.

Special interests

  • Gut health

  • Lung health

  • Stress management

  • Cancer prevention

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